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Havat Ephraim
Bet El's
Pinat Hai
(childrens zoo)

 Bringing nature back to the children
but not only for children


Our Goals

How Can You Help Us
What we are looking for today are capital improvements to the pinat hai and the ability to feed the animals if the local council has to back out because of it’s financial status

The improvements that need to be made:
A new and improved cage for the Emu and the ability to buy more eggs – US $20,000
Bathrooms – US $20,000
Adjustments and improvements to existing cages, for winter, snow and more suitable for both the animals and for the visitors to view the animals – from US $500 to US $2,000 per cage
An animal kitchen – for preparation and storage of the animals' food – US $6,000 ​

As you can see, we have a lot of projects that we would like to continue working on and with your resources we will able to finish them.​

Helping Others

In order to care for the upkeep of the animals and the cages as well as to provide more individual and group educational activities we will need to hire a full time staff person.
Also about six years ago a program to provide work for the unemployed was started. This program has allowed a number of families to support them selves during times of unemployment – sometimes for long periods of time. This program is funded entirely by donations

Improvements and Renovations

We would like to add on to the types of animals that we have and to do that we need new cages.  The animals we are thinking of are ponies/alpaca/llama.We also have to finish the cages for the peasants and turkeys. We would also like to put a small pond in the turtle cage, and a water fall in the deer cage

We would like to improve the picnic area by adding more tables and adding a place for people to cook their barbecues right outside of the Pinat-Hai as not to disturb the animals.
We would like to add lighting to the whole pinat hai to be able to have activities and events at night.
We would like to add on to the existing playground at the entrance to the Pinat Hai and add an obstacle course for children.

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