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Havat Ephraim
Bet El's
Pinat Hai
(childrens zoo)

 Bringing nature back to the children
but not only for children




 Ambience in the Pinat Hai

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Activities in the Pinat Hai

In addition to being a place where children can experience nature with animals, in it’s informal learning environment, it is a place where families can go for a walk on Shabbat, and picnic during the week under a fig or olive tree. It is also a place with so many different activities for the children of Beit El and the surrounding communities from kindergarten till after high school all year round. There is a group of dedicated children who help care for the animals. There are weekly activities to clean, repair and learn about the animals and their surroundings. There is a program to recycle plastic and glass bottles. There is preparation of organic compost which is used by families who grow subsistence farming. There are birthday parties and family gatherings, class outings and high school biology observations, picnics and pita baking, romantic walks watching the water flow from pond to pond…

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