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Havat Ephraim is now a complete wreck and  covered in white snow


The snow covered everything and caused a lot of damage. Animals were  suffering from cold and we tried to take  care of them as best as  possible. Turtles were moved into the caravan  and covered with blankets to keep warm .The  Camel was transferred to a  place with roofing to protect her  from the snow. The coatimundi, a  central American animal, had linen and fabrics added to its home  to have a hot "nest ". Rabbits  had shredded paper added   to their home  to keep the heat in.

Despite the snow -  six goats  were born and are doing very well !

But the snow caused  much damage ! Guinea pigs , a couple of rabbits  a few parrots  and a chicken did not survive the snow and cold.  The storm  caused considerable damage to the cages and trees. No appraisal  has been done to evaluate the  extent of the damage ,but we estimate repairs will cost thousands of dollars . The coatimundi 's  cage roof collapsed in the snow  and therefore he escaped ,it took us two days to recapture him. . The  Peacock cage almost completely collapsed when the snow load fell on  the top center of the cage. The roof of the turtles house collapsed  under the weight of the snow . Many trees were broken and fell in  "Havat Ephraim" ,and the fence around the duck pond was damaged . The  new cage for the birds at the entrance collapsed completely , when the tree from which it  hangs  fell  on the cage itself.
"Havat Ephraim" is run usually by volunteers and has a  very low budget , it can not afford the  necessary repairs  to rehabilitate the animals, cages and trees. We need your help !

Time is of the essence , donate now to save the zoo !!

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