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Ephraim's farm

Havat Ephraim Beit El's children's zoo

 named for Ephraim Tzur

An encounter with nature, for the benefit of the residents of Beit El and the area

Come visit and enjoy
In the children's zoo of Beit El

Bringing nature to the children
But not only for children

The Ephraim farm children's zoo is open every day, from sunrise to sunset

The new subscription plan

Annual nuclear family subscription NIS 216 (only NIS 18 per month per year)

"Sabba" subscription - multi-generational annual NIS 300 (only NIS 25 per month for a year)


One time entry


The price: NIS 5 per visitor (children up to one year old are free)

Payment at the entrance (the rabbit's mouth)

 Saturday and holidays


Subscribers are welcome

No subscription, please pay during the week

 Soldiers in uniform free


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Sponsor an  animal


Help us feed and maintain 

the animals in the children's zoo

You sponsor and we will take care of everything 

Here is partial list per animal

  Projects to improve the children's zoo

After 27 years the children's zoo needs an overhaul (general renovation)

we need to

   remodel  and renovate    most of the cages and build new cages.   

Here is a partial list per animal


 On the sixth day of Hanukkah  almost 27 years ago, Ephraim Tzur was murdered, along with mother Ita by  terrorists. On the Saturday after the murder Tuvia visited the place where Ephraim and his friends raised a selection of animals - a goat, some ducks and geese. Tuvia saw a handwritten sign "Havat Ephraim" in memory of our friend Ephraim Tzur
The sign touched his heart and he decided to help Ephraim's friends

As Tuvia tells his story  


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