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Ephraim's farm (Havat Ephraim) named after Ephraim Tzur

Our history

After the tragic murder of Ephraim Tzur and his mother Ita, on the sixth night of Hanukkah Rosh Chodesh Tevet 5777 December 11, 1996

They started calling the children's zoo in Beit El after Ephraim

As told to us by Mr. Tuvia Victor
"On the sixth night of Hanukkah almost 27 years ago, Ephraim Zur  was murdered, along with his mother, by terrorists. When they were on their way home after visiting their aunt in Tel Aviv. I was on the ambulance that came to treat them, and I was with Ephraim in his last minutes  Although there wasn't much that could be done. The next Saturday, I visited the place where Ephraim and his friends raised a selection of animals - a goat, some ducks and two geese. Then I saw a handwritten sign " Havat Ephraim" Epraim's farm in memory of our friends Ephraim The sign touched my heart, and I decided to help them  ​
Tuvia  has been running the children's zoo  since then  for the last twenty-seven years. He takes care of everything  that is needed and has made her what she is today

The local council allocated 12 dunam  to the animal corner,  and gave a budget  for laying the infrastructure The local council also agreed to help by providing an annual budget for feed and hay. The local council currently pays for the food and hay at a cost of about NIS 30,000 per year.​

Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael- JNF  built three structures  of concrete/stone  for the farm animals
 They also built a barn to keep the hay dry
Children started building cages for the small animals - rabbits, guinea pig, foxes, ferrets and peacocks on the eastern path.
Today there are many more diverse animals such as spotted deer, brown deer, donkeys, horses, Jacob's sheep, Cameroon sheep, pygmy goats, Coatis, Sudanese tortoises, rabbits, peacocks, silki roosters, mandarin ducks, geese and a variety of other birds.
About 20 years ago KKL -JNF added a pond for ducks
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