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  • How much does it cost to enter?
    The new subscription plan Annual nuclear family subscription 218 NIS (only 18 NIS per month per year) Sabba" subscription - multi-generational annual NIS 300 (only NIS 25 per month per year) One-time entry The price: NIS 5 per visitor (children up to one year free) : Shabbat and holidays Subscribers welcome No subscribers we will ask for payment during the week Soldiers in uniform Free
  • ?When is the Pinat Hai Children's Zoo open?
    The Pinat Hai Children's Zoo is open every day, all day from sunrise to sunset
  • What activities are there in the animal corner?
    ​in addition to being a place where the children can experience nature with animals, within an informal learning environment. This is a place where families can go for a walk on Shabbat, and have a picnic in the middle of the week under a fig or olive tree. It is also a place with many different activities for the children of Beth El and the nearby settlements, from kindergarten to after high school all year round. There is a group of dedicated children who help take care of the animals. There is a weekly activity for cleaning and repairing the cages while learning about the animals and their environment. There is a program for recycling plastic and glass bottles. There is a preparation of organic compost used by families for agricultural cultivation. We hold birthday parties and family gatherings, school trips and biological observations of high school students, picnics, baking pita bread, and a romantic walk around the lake to see the flow of water from the lake to the pool
  • How do I pay?
    In the Pinat Hai Children's , you pay at the entrance (the rabbit's mouth) You can pay by cheque: Havat Ephraim - (AR) And mail to P.O.B. 1013 Beit El 9063100 Or Bank transfer to Havat Ephraim : Bank Leumi, Branch 902, account 20880098 Or the easiest way one-time entrance fee regular subscription 12X18 shekels (nuclear family) Sabba subscription 12X25 NIS ("Sabba subscription" - multi-generational) donate shekels in any amount by credit card Donate any dollar amount< /u>

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